Why Pavers Are The Right Choice


When making a decision about outdoor living, homeowners are faced with several options. Homeowners can use an array of building materials from wood and composite for decks to stamped concrete and pavers for patios.

Wood Decking v. Pavers

Wood decks have a life span of approximately 10 to 12 years with proper care and maintenance. Each year wood decking needs to be stripped, power washed, and resealed to get the full longevity of the material. Pavers, on the other hand, are virtually maintenance free.

Wood decks are comparable in price for installation, but over time the maintenance costs for wooden desks are much higher. Many cities, townships and municipalities require permits for decks, where as most do not for paver patios.

Decks leave you limited to which designs and shapes you can use. You don't see many curved decks!!! What is under wooden decks??? Rocks? Weeds? Animals? Snakes???


Composite Decking v. Pavers

Composite decking lasts much longer than wooden decking, but has many drawbacks versus pavers. First, composite decking is very expensive. Many times, it is twice as much as pavers due to railings and skirts that need to be added to the deck. Second, composite decking fades over time. Third, composite decking can splinter and become very rough (like sandpaper) over time. Finally, there are fewer color options to match your house.


Stamped Concrete v. Pavers

Stamped concrete was quite popular towards the end of the nineties and into the millennium. Stamped concrete has lost a lot of it's appeal. Why get a stamped product when you can get the real thing!!!!!!! Pavers have been around for centuries. Pavers are becoming more and more popular with more colors, sizes, shapes, and styles coming out frequently.

Stamped concrete is typicallyl more expensive than pavers as well. 


Pavers last much longer. Pavers can be repaired or replaced with relative ease. Once concrete has chipped or cracked, the whole area needs to be cut out and replaced. Matching concrete is very tough.

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